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Let's Be Friends!

There is nothing better than making new friends, amiright?

Especially when you find that person who has similar interests as you! 

Although social media like Instagram & Facebook are where most of us spend our time scrolling through pretty photos, smiling at funny videos, reading forums and connecting through comments, messages and groups. I wanted there to be a place specifically created for The Concrete Forager Community to connect to each other with no judgement, false media, annoying advertisements or meaningless fluff to scroll through. Just a place for mindful consumers, culinary enthusiasts, striving homesteaders, wild game harvesters, creative minds and the people seeking like-minded friends.

Whether you are a social media mogul, almost off the grid, or somewhere in between. This is our free safe-space for connecting to like-minded people from around the world! There is so much opportunity when we work together.

Lets start our tribe and support each other here!

Join The Conversation.

  • Make friends and stay in touch in your own group!

  • Share ideas, adventures, stories, or recipes! 

  • Start a conversation about your favorite place to get ingredients or the best method for baking your favorite bread!

  • Swap skills with people!

  • Connect with other female hunters (this one is near and dear to my heart, we are a rare breed, where are all my gals at?)

  • Ask for help when you are stuck or have gardening questions, kitchen conundrums, life hacks, etc.

*BONUS - All class members get to be a part of exclusive groups only open to those who have taken or are currently taking cooking classes with me! Not only can you contact me "on-call' for cooking help but you can also be in touch with other class members who are willing to help and share their learned skills.


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