'What's in the fridge' rolls

We've all had that moment where you look at 'whats in the fridge' and think "what am I going to do with all of this?" Well we've got the solution! Whats in the fridge rolls - simple, quick, and bountiful.

Let us guide you through the process of taking food out of your fridge, coming up with a combination, adding a sauce, and rolling up some tasty and nutritious delights.

For starters, here is what you'll need:

*Real food means fruits, veggies, meat, nuts, seeds, dairy, and any other non-processed ingredients.

Step 1 - Pull out all the fruits and vegetables you have and lay them out in front of you. These are your inspiration, your rice paper is your blank canvas. Feel free to add in any cooked meat you have in the fridge as well, as long as its still edible and not smothered in gravy from three days ago.

Step 2 - Raid the pantry. Take out any nuts, seeds, or spices you are in the mood for... More inspiration.

Step 3 - Start to prep your veggies. Cut, slice, dice, and chop away. Nothing fancy, as long as everything is in small pieces they will roll up nice and neatly.

Step 4 -Now its time to get creative! Put together flavors that you like and start rolling. Spices, nuts, seeds, cheese and herbs are your friends. Don't be afraid to mix and match. The combinations are endless. There is no "wrong" way to do this, if it tastes good than you are done!

Step 5 - Get saucy! Make a sauce that compliments the flavors of your rolls or pick a healthy alternative from your pantry. Salad dressing, spreads, sauces, reductions, hummas, or jams; whatever flavor you want! Dip your rolls in a cup or drizzle it on top, you cant go wrong with these luscious little flavor bombs.

There is no recipes to follow, no rules to abide by, just a great way to eat up left over food or the random scraps left in your fridge. Try them for breakfast with some hard boiled eggs, or try a loaded veggie tahini roll for lunch, even left over pulled chicken with coleslaw and BBQ sauce for dinner!

Here are some of the combinations we've tried :


Baby spinach (raw)

Goat cheese


Dressed inside with lemon juice and olive oil

Dipped in Balsamic vinegar reduction

Bell pepper (any color)

Cabbage (green or red)



Sunflower seed

Dressed inside with tahini

Dipped in roasted Garlic Hummas





Seasame seed

Chilli powder

Dressed with a little fresh lime juice






Dipped in a Soy Peanut Sauce

So get rollin' on repurposing your left overs and scraps! Please let us know the combinations you try or keep coming back to! We are excited to hear what you think!



Recipes are never rules!

Use your judgment; if you've made it before and it has worked by shaking not stirring, try it! If the recipe says something will brown after 12 minutes in the oven and your's hasn't browned yet, leave it until you think its brown enough. 



Taste, taste, taste!

Any good chef will tell you to taste your food multiple times as you cook. Stick your spoon in and see if it tastes good. Is your food seasoned well? Can it use more salt or pepper? Would you like it if it were a bit sweeter? Everyone's palate is different, if you think it needs something; Go for it!




Its just food... so have some fun!


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