A fruit tart like no other

Keeping with the tradition of simplicity, all I am going to say is; This cake is going to blow your socks off. Is that a saying? Knock your socks off, blow your mind? I'm not sure. But it's fitting for this recipe.

This recipe is a fan favorite in our house, and I still have no idea what to call it. Its not really a cake but, its also not really a tart. All I can say is its really yummy. If you can come up with a name for it, you've got to let me know! Leave a comment of what you would call it.

The trick to this recipe is choosing the right fruit for the occasion. The soft cookie base and creamy luscious filling pair really well with any sweet and tart fruits. The key is choosing a fruit that is super ripe and in season. In the summer time, I absolutely suggest shingling sliced strawberries for a tangy and beautiful topping. Since its winter now, the best fruit to use is citrus. I happen to have beautiful Cara Cara oranges on it this time, and it tastes divine.

The recipe is pretty much a breeze, only part that will take some time is cutting the fruit. But since the cake has to cool in the fridge before you top it, you will have plenty of time to make some pretty cuts. You can even do this ahead of time, or right before serving. Wondering how to make pretty round thin orange slices?

Its so simple. Here are the steps: Just get out your sharpest knife, you need it to be super sharp otherwise you'll end up with juice everywhere are loose the beautiful structure of the fruit. Cut the top and bottom off of the orange. Place your fingers on top to hold it in place and slice strips off of the side. Be sure to curve your knife flush to the fruit and keep the shape round. You'll want to cut off all the white pith and bitter peel, but try to loose as little amount of flesh as possible. Then once you have a pretty peeled orange, place your fingers lightly on the top and level your knife to the board. Slice carefully through using the board or table as a guide, you want to stay level and do it in one steady cut. The great thing about this cake, is if you screw up a bunch of oranges or they just don't look the way you want them too; Its no big deal. You are going to overlap them anyway, just cover the ugly sides with a better looking one until the top of the cake is covered.

Fruit Tart, Cake, Yum

  • 125 g salted butter (plus more for greasing pan)

  • 80 g sugar

  • 1 large egg

  • 250 g flour (plus more for rolling)

  • 200 g heavy cream

  • 200 g white chocolate

  • 2 large egg yolk

  • Seasonal fruit for garnish

  1. Preheat oven to 350F

  2. Generously butter spring form pan base and sides. Set aside.

  3. In a stand mixer or bowl cream sugar and butter. Add 1 whole egg and flour and mix until combined.

  4. Place dough ball onto plastic wrap and form into a large disk shape. Cover with plastic and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

  1. Heat cream in a sauce pot until steamy being careful not to scorch.

  2. Add white chocolate to pot and turn off heat. let chocolate sit for one minute to melt. Stir to combine.

  3. When mostly cooled, Add 2 egg yolks and stir to combine.

  1. Place dough on a floured surface and roll out about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick. The dough should be a few inches larger than your spring form pan.

  2. Place dough into prepared pan and press base and sides to make room for the filling. You want at least 2 inch sides to hold the filling in.

  3. Pour the filling into the dough and place in the oven on the center rack.

  4. Bake for 25 minutes rotating halfway for even baking.

  5. Let cool in the refrigerator to set.

  6. When the top it firm to the touch you are ready to place the fruit topping.


Use whatever fresh fruit you like for the topping. Be sure to take off any peels or inedible parts.

It is important that you let the filling cool before adding the egg yolks. If you add the yolks while it is too hot they will scramble and leave you with an awful textured filling instead of a creamy luscious one. If you are nervous about the texture, you can run the filling through a fine mesh sieve to get out any lumps.

Have Fun, Get Baking!



Recipes are never rules!

Use your judgment; if you've made it before and it has worked by shaking not stirring, try it! If the recipe says something will brown after 12 minutes in the oven and your's hasn't browned yet, leave it until you think its brown enough. 



Taste, taste, taste!

Any good chef will tell you to taste your food multiple times as you cook. Stick your spoon in and see if it tastes good. Is your food seasoned well? Can it use more salt or pepper? Would you like it if it were a bit sweeter? Everyone's palate is different, if you think it needs something; Go for it!




Its just food... so have some fun!


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