Breakfast at The Concrete Forager house

It's not every day that Sean and I get to sit down together and have breakfast. Between our opposite morning work schedules, occasionally traveling without one another, and the random life changes we run into, breakfast is usually a grab and go, or shove it down while your getting dressed kind of situation here. So on that occasional Sunday when we wake up at the same time and realize we've got "nothing to do" we love to spend it at the table together. What better way to start your day than sit down, talk, and laugh about how neither one of us came to the table with pants on. Why bother, its just the two of us...(I'll spare you the photos, don't worry.) My secret to these spur of the moment morning breakfasts is being prepared for said spontaneity.

We don't always have sausage, or bacon. The things we both crave. We may not even have any fresh eggs. Lets face it. Does everyone have the time to stock the fridge more than once a week? So these fluffy toasted waffles are the best way I make sure I've got something in the house that isn't oatmeal or granola cereal. I just wait for that moment when I have 20 minutes of time, or sometimes I'll whip them up when I'm in the middle of cooking something for dinner because they're that easy. I use a small electric waffle iron, it only makes one at a time which is really the only time consuming part of it. But the smaller waffle irons are cheap, usually 10$ or less, and make perfect toaster waffles.

I don't know if you keep store bought ones in your freezer, but I've gotta be honest. They taste like hot cardboard. I wont make any names, but I dont even know how I ate them as a kid, theyre horrible. So whipping up a batch or two of your favorite waffle recipe and tossing them into a freezer safe bag, is a no brainer. You have got to try it.

For our spontaneous breakfast to look planned, I always start by putting on my morning mix of Fleetwood Mac and Creedence Clearwater Revival to set the relaxing creative mood. Call me old fashioned, but I cant get enough. I took out a carton of blueberries, some homemade yogurt, and a container of maple syrup that I refill with this amazing pure Canadian maple syrup that my parents stocked up on during their last trip. As per usual, I brew a big pot of dark roast coffee. That'll last an hour of two if I'm lucky. And I toast up a few waffles 'to order'. That's it, simple as that.

I usually like mine with some yogurt and berries on top. They are also great on the run, just toast it up and take it to go with some nut butter, sliced banana, shredded coconut, and a drizzle of honey. Sean is traditional, just slather them with butter and pour on the syrup.

So next time you've got some time to spare, get yourself a small waffle iron, throw together your favorite waffle recipe and make up a batch for the freezer. That way when you want to sit down with your spouse and have a romantic pants-less breakfast, or you want to have a family breakfast at the table without all the fuss, you have got the tools to put it on the table without doing any work.

Here is my favorite recipe, just incase you are looking for one. I have no idea where it came from but my mom passed this one down to me:

I usually use organic stone ground whole wheat in place of the all purpose flour. I also substitute the sugar for honey, and add a splash of vanilla extract or ground cinnamon. Feel free to try this one, or use your own favorite sourdough recipe, classic whipped egg white recipe, or even healthy zucchini bread recipe. When you stack waffles in your freezer and are able to make a 2 minute breakfast that tastes homemade, you'll thank me. I know you will. :)

Its not a morning over here without a begging puppy or two. Ivy, says "Have a great day! Leave a piece of waffle on the floor for me when you're done."



Recipes are never rules!

Use your judgment; if you've made it before and it has worked by shaking not stirring, try it! If the recipe says something will brown after 12 minutes in the oven and your's hasn't browned yet, leave it until you think its brown enough. 



Taste, taste, taste!

Any good chef will tell you to taste your food multiple times as you cook. Stick your spoon in and see if it tastes good. Is your food seasoned well? Can it use more salt or pepper? Would you like it if it were a bit sweeter? Everyone's palate is different, if you think it needs something; Go for it!




Its just food... so have some fun!


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