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The Concrete Forager

Chef Kara Olsen, Culinary Activist
     Photographer-Food Stylist-Recipe Developer/Editor-Writer
      Educator of all things 'Real Food'

Meet Kara

Hi, my name is Kara and I am a chef, moment capturer, homemade enthusiast, culinary activist, and preserver of old ways. From the Big Apple to South Central PA, my fiancé Sean and I moved our lives in pursuit of a more rural lifestyle; to follow our dreams of a self sustainable homestead surrounded by beautiful land we can take care of so it can take care of us in return. 

This is a time when everything is easily accessible and available right at our finger tips. However, that does not mean that all the things set out on the shelves for us to consume are meant to nourish and benefit us. So I strive to get us as humans back to our roots. When we had to search out or grow our own food, preserve it to feed our families year round, and if we wanted something we had to use our minds and good ol' two hands to create it ourselves. Take back the control of what we are consuming and the freedom to live the way nature intended. 

I've made it my duty, to learn everything there is to know about food and utilize modern platforms to speak out, expose the flaws in the system and educate everyone I can about where to find + how to cook, pure-unaltered 'real foods'. Thoughtfully and sustainably grown foods, free from artificial additives or chemicals that are not serving our bodies needs.

We put a lot of thought and time into finding out exactly where our food comes from and how it is produced. The food in our house is always cooked from scratch from the all natural real ingredients that nature intended for us to eat. Most importantly its all easily accessible and nothing short of scrumptious.

This is our life, this is The Concrete Forager

Chef Kara Olsen


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Through the eyes of a creator and the hands of a chef, let me turn every day ingredients or your very special food product into something drool-worthy!

Whether you are going for a modern minimal branding shot or a styled lifestyle collection of photos you can post to tell the story of your food creation. I am always up to the challenge of turning ingredients, into a visual your customers wont be able to flip passed!

*My Action Shot Promise: ensures that with great lighting and a steady hand, I will capture your food/recipe  with that little extra movement it needs to jump off the screen and onto the tastebuds of your new fans!

Happy to utilize my formally trained culinary techniques & passion for the perfect bite to spend that extra detailed time in the kitchen; Developing on brand recipes, testing recipes with your cliental in mind, making detailed note of how your product works and more! Let me take the guess work and quality control off your hands so you can put your focus on all other aspects of your business. 

Providing you with the attention and dedication it takes to get you the perfect, fool proof, meticulously tested and unique recipe to show off your product or enhance your brand's unique food offerings. You will be provided with all the feed back and information of my testing's at the end of the project!

Styling the perfect scene for your services to shine, capturing your unique brand and everything in between. Much like food styling and photography, I have a passion for crafting curated table-scapes, showcasing unique products and helping you show off the oh so special things you offer to your clients. And shots of you are just as important!

Whether you are a wedding vendor, artist, artisan, farmer, etc, Let me help you build more content, so you can focus on what you work so hard to offer the world; you and your service/product.

Here to style the perfect scene for your product to shine, photograph it's unique brand and everything in between. Producing food for digital culinary media, on-site culinary films, branding photos for print and social media marketing since 2017. From writing copy, to private recipe development, to graphic design, to social media campaigns and photographs for your menu or magazine. I am your gal to get you content with out taking time away from your main focus; your brand!

Sharing my recipes from our kitchen to yours!  No fuss, No fees, no life story or annoying adds to scroll through to get to the dang recipe. Just yummy unique screenshot-able recipes totally free from artificial preservative/chemical laden products with mystery ingredients in their labels.

I am after all, first and for-most a proud Chef. Cooking is what I do. So my way of getting my love from our table to yours is to give you with simple but accurate techniques that will help you expand your kitchen skills.

Viral "cooking hack" failure free,

every time!

Using my passionate words and inspiring photos; I dedicate my time to showing you #foragingreal way of life; know what you are eating, where your food comes from, where to find the best quality ingredients, how to navigate all the false media  about what you should be eating and so much more. 

Come along with us on this life-long quest to get back to a sustainable way of living; we hunt, we grow, we craft & we do it all with purpose.

Learn how to;

Buy Real Food

Cook Real Meals

Eat Real Well

And we want you to be a part of our growing community of people who care to

make a difference!

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"Chef Kara's weekly lessons made me able to cook my own meals every day from scratch when before I lived off of pre-packaged frozen meals and was only capable of using the microwave. I would have never even known what to buy at the store to cook for myself.
Thank you for giving me so much independence!

Kathleen T.
Cooking Class Student
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