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Culinary Development

What I Can Do For You:

Recipe Development - Using your branded product, personal brand theme, mission statement, etc. Hire me to consult, dream up, test and develop a unique original recipe, just for you!

Experience in all cuisine types as well as specific diets including; gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, allergen free, keto, paleo, low-carb, Nut-free, Kosher, Non-GMO/organic, "vegetable forward" and beyond. Whatever food you are looking to put out into the world, I am here for it!

Test Kitchen Hours - Many rounds of testing using professional techniques, taking note of precise amounts and timing for your recipe, product or the recipe I am writing for you.

Product Consulting/Cookbook Reviews - Upon receiving your product I am happy to taste, test and provide tactical written critiques on texture, flavor and how well the product works in use. As well as write recipes or deliver recipe concepts/pairings to make your brand shine!

Recipe Testing - Have a recipe that needs some extra TLC? Let me take the painstaking hours testing for accuracy, quantities, timing and technique off your plate and put it onto mine! Whether the recipe is for your new restaurant menu, new cookbook or blog, I am happy to bring that recipe into a new environment to trial it again and again until it is fool proof and perfect for you!

Culinary Copy Writing & Editing - Need a catchy title or relatable description for your recipes? Need someone to read, edit and critique your cookbook or menu blurbs? I got you!

Food Photography - The online and virtual modern world is a very visual place. Pair your new recipe with some engaging photos to tell the story of not only what goes into your recipe but also show off your brands style!

(learn more about food styling and photography options here)

Looking for a Brand Ambassador? Contact me with the info on your oh so special brand and what you are looking for in working together. I am always happy to partner with anyone who's brand fits in with The Concrete Forager mission. 

* The Pro Test Kitchen Promise- As a formally trained chef, I promise all recipes are meticulously tested through the eyes of a pro while keeping home chefs, your specific clientele and your brand style in mind. Recipes cant just look good in a photo or written on a page, they of course have to work flawlessly. I always test for different scenarios so that the recipe will work in any kitchen for any level cook.

(Full ownership/rights to recipe or photos depending on project. NDA Privacy Pledge always available upon request)

Inquiries welcomed through our Contact form here

Fish with Herbs
Package No. 1

Give me the good stuff - The Recipes


  • Free 30 minute phone Consultation: To get to know you & your brand. This will help me understand your esthetic and what you are looking for from my recipe development.

  • Email Pitch of a variety of recipe ideas for you to choose from: This ensures you get exactly what will serve your community and do your product or brand justice.

  • Ingredient sourcing & test kitchen hours: Your recipe will get my undivided attention and meticulous testing to perfect your new recipe and deliver it to you fool-proof and ready for publishing (or cooking).

  • One professional original recipe: Specially curated, tested and approved to highlight your brand esthetic, product or menu with something fresh and enjoyable to keep your clients coming back for more!

  • Earn 10% off future recipes or more recipe add-ons

*BONUS* One round of amendments: If needed I am happy to take your feedback and honor your critiques. If you feel like anything needs changing in the method or writing, I'll get it done!

Open Sandwiches
Package No. 2

The whole "Shebang" - The Recipes & The Photos


  • Everything included in Package No. 1: PLUS

  • Professional Food Styling: Styled to seamlessly advertise your brand and new recipe. (Products/labels in shot when developing using a branded product/ingredient)

  • High Res Photo Bundle: Ingredient prep, action shots, the perfect pour/drizzle/texture to show off how the recipe is made along with a variety of 'Beauties' of the finished recipe.

  • Photo editing: All photos in your bundle will be edited and watermark free. Ready to use for advertising, menu and social media at your convenience. (Editing can be done in your brands style upon request)

  • DropBox or Google Photos File: Delivered to you including all recipe photos with written recipe.

  • Earn 10% off future recipes/photo bundles or more recipe/photo bundle add-ons

*BONUS* Copy/Headnote description/Title: If needed I am happy to write a creative title or short description of the recipe to be used for a headnote, menu description or copy for social media, website or print advertising.

Food Photos
Food Box
Package No. 3

Reliable & Passionate - Product Consulting


  • Free 30 minute consultation: For your to teach me all about your branded product, what you created it for and how you want the world to utilize/enjoy it.

  • Test Kitchen Time: Your product will get my undivided attention in order to taste it, test it and critique it to take the guess work off your plate.

  • Email Pitch of Pairings/Uses: Happy to come up with up to 5 ways to utilize your product in unique and every day ways. 

  • Full review spreadsheet: Including all my positive negative and indifferent results using your product. With in depth explanation for all my findings. 

  • Earn 5% off recipe development/photography packages

*BONUS* Product Shout Out: If your branded ingredient is free from artificial ingredients and made from 'Real Food' fitting into The Concrete Forager's brand's mission, I would be more than happy to take a killer photo of it in use and post a raving review for social media, Free of charge! 

*Looking for a Brand Ambassador? Let's chat!

On Her Laptop

Want more than what's listed in the packages above? NO PROBLEM!

*Contact me below to inquire about a custom package deal *

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